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Python Projects

Custom Forecasts (Comprehensive Weather Alerts)

November 2017 - October 2018
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An expanded and rebuilt version of my earlier Basic Weather Alerts project set to run in Django to allow users to sign up and control their own forecast preferences. Built with cookiecutter-django in Django 1.11 with Python 3.6. Used django-allauth for base-level account management.

A scheduled cron task checked forecasts every day, checking against saved forecast details in the database before sending an API call to Open Weather Maps if no recent forecast data was present. Emails were composed and sent if the user's forecast preferences were met, removing any unnecessary data and operating on a "no news is good news" principle.

Project ended when host changed Python version, requiring full rebuild.

Basic Weather Alert Programs

October 2017
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These programs were created to check the upcoming weather forecast through the Open Weather Map API and send email alerts with the relevant information. They were uploaded to a cloud server and set to run once a day so that up-to-date information is being sent on a regular basis.

Alchemy Leveling Program

July 2017

This program was created to help track leveling in a homebrew alchemy system for D&D.

Web Development Projects


I started learning HTML in the early 2000s and only grew from there. I'm most experienced in HTML and CSS. I've build projects with SQL and Python, and I've dabbled in jQuery, JavaScript, and PHP. I'm currently learning JavaScript with an eye on QA.

Above all, I am a problem solver. I've learned to troubleshoot problems as they come at me, regardless of domain. I'm a big fan of accessibility in all realms and believe form should never override function when it comes to design and development.